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Arbutin in Skin Lightening Treatments

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Laser Hair Removal Miami, Llc., together with its sister company, Bay Harbour Med Spa, has long been an advocate for skin lightening treatments which do not contain hydorquinone (an immunotoxic ingredient found in many bleaching creams). So we set out to find an ingredient that was an alternative to hydroquinone, we found it and are excited about its benefits, this ingredient is called arbutin.

Arbutin is is derived from the leaves of bearberry, cranberry and mulberry shrubs. According to The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, arbutin contains properties which inhibit melanin. Melanin produces pigment which in some cases produces hyperpigmentation.

Arbutin is an expensive ingredient which is why many cosmetic companies which produce skin bleaching creams aka skin lightening creams opt to use hydroquinone over arbutin. For a skin lightening system which contains arbutin, please click HERE.

If you live in the greater Miami area, and are interested in skin lightening treatments, please contact our sister company, Bay Harbour Med Spa, by clicking HERE. Bay Harbour Med Spa provides safe, effective skin lightening treatments for the face, hands, underarms, the bikini, anal and genital areas.


Hyperpigmentation and Black Skin

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People of color are a very large group, which in South Florida includes people of African and Hispanic descent. It also includes patients of mixed backgrounds who have more darkly pigmented skin. Darker skin type people represent a significant and growing group of patients seeking skin discoloration treatments also known as hyper-pigmentation skin treatments and products. This is because of the increased awareness of safe, affordable aesthetic skin products. The problem with most skin lightening products (aka skin bleaching products) is that they contain caustic chemicals. Skin Renewal Method TM has taken special precautions in addressing and  treating skin of color.

People with darker skin tones are prone to certain skin problems such as spots. These spots are caused by an insult to deeply pigmented skin, such as acne, a cut, or a disorder such as psoriasis.

Melanocytes are very sensitive cells and can either stop producing color- hypo-pigmentation  or produce excessive color in cases of inflammation- post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.  PIH  which is most commonly seen in areas where acne blemishes heal, leaving a dark spot behind. Skin Renewal Method TM developed a skin lightening system which is safe for people of darker pigment; not only is it safe to use (no discoloration of the skin) but it is very efficient in helping to even out hyper-pigmentation in dark or black skin.

For a safe, effective skin lightening product, safe for all skin colors (useful for elbow, knees, underarm, facial spots, anal and genital areas), please click HERE.

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Underarm, Elbow, Knee and Other Skin Discoloration Issues

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Skin discoloration does not discriminate- eventually many women or men experience skin discoloration regardless of your ethnic background or skin color. Skin discoloration manifests itself as brown (lighter or darker toned) to ashen pigmentation.

So, how do skin pigmentation disorders develop?

Melanin is the pigment produced by cells called melanocytes. Skin pigmentation disorders develop because the body either produces too much or too little melanin.  Melanin (depending if enough of it is produced) does provide some amount of sun protection by absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The more melanin the greater the sun protection, this explains why darker pigmented persons ( i.e. black skin) are less susceptible to sunburn and the overall effects of sun damage.  Although darker skinned persons are less susceptible to the sun rays, increased melanin production (hyperpigmentation) does cause skin discoloration/damage because of hormonal changes.

So, how can Bay Harbour Med Spa help you lighten your skin discoloration ( i.e. underarms, elbows, knees, private areas or sphincter)?

Melanin is stimulated by a complex process partially controlled by an enzyme called tyrosinase. Most skin-lightening treatments are aimed at inhibiting this enzyme. However, please be very cautious and stay clear of any skin-lightening product which contains hydroquinone ( an ingredient which has links to producing cancer).

Bay Harbour Med Spa has been treating men and women of all skin colors for more than three decades. Keeping to our mission to only use organic ingredients (fruit, vegetable or plant extracts) we’ve kept true to our motto and have developed a wonderful result yielding treatment for pigmentation disorders.

For our Miami based clients who experience underarm, elbow, knee, private region or sphincter skin discoloration Bay Harbour Med Spa combines it’s exclusive Crystal Microdermabrasion skin-ligthening treatment with our exclusive (natural) skin-lightening cream.

More skin discoloration articles to be posted in the near future.

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