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  Emilie wrote @

Hi, My name is Emilie and I recently came across your e-mail on a site that referred you for answering any questions I may have about acne, treatments, etc. I was wondering if you could help me out if at all possible. I am 18 years old, and as I grow older all of my friends have grown out of their acne, as mine continues to grow worse, and much more painful. My acne is most prominent on my cheeks. A little occurs on my forhead or chin now and then, but my cheeks are where I have extreme breakouts daily, even as to where some of my acne is painful. Anyway, I’m looking for the best treatment out there that will help clear my face of acne. I have tried MANY products that have not worked in the long run for me. These include Proactiv, Several Neutrogena products, several Clean & Clear Products, the new L’oreal Scrub wash, bar soaps, Facial masks, and I also have used prescriptions that do not work well, either. I have been prescribed Epiduo, Duac, Diffren and a pill called Solodyn. Solodyn does reduce the effectiveness of birth control, and I would rather stay away from products that do so. Due to my significant other’s allergies, we DO NOT use back-up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  Bay Harbour Med Spa wrote @

Thanks for writing. Please answer the following questions, so that we could better determine what the issue may be. It may just be a hormonal issue.

1. Are your periods regular?
2. Are your periods painful?
3. Are you over weight?

Once you answer these questions, we’ll be able to advise you on the next step to take.

Bay Harbour Med Spa

  Gem wrote @

Hello, I live in the Caribbean and am visiting Miami this Nove (2011). I am very interested in laser hair removal and would like to know what the consultation process entails?

  Bay Harbour Med Spa wrote @


All you need to do is call Laser Hair Removal Miami at 305-864-3333 for a free consultation. You need to schedule 72 hours prior to coming in. Thanks for thinking of us. Hope to see you in a few months.

  bee wrote @

i am a 19yr old living in singapore and i truthfully never managed my skin. but now, i want to make that effort to solve the pertinent problems on my face. i used to play netball and without sunblock too, i am guessing skin damage is something i have. i have combination skin and occasional pimple breakouts.they occur when i am stressed and notably on the areas where i have scars/old pimple zones. i also have milia seeds and scars from my acne/pimples. going to a dermatologist is not within the budget. people go on about toners,moisturizers and exfoliating, i have no clue about them! i tried using moisturizer (garnier) recently, but my face appears oily after that, so i wash it off after 15mins. i do use a facial wash (Himalaya products). could you suggest to me a few, basic products that i would need and how i should go about using them.

thank you

  Bay Harbour Med Spa wrote @

Hi, Bee-

What is your gender, male or female? Believe it or not, this is an important factor to answer your question. We’ll be happy to do so as soon as you reply.

Laser Hair Removal Miami on behalf of Bay Harbour Med Spa

  bee wrote @

hi.i am a female.thanks

  Tictac wrote @

I have a couple of questions about my pores and I hope I could get sufficient information for me to able to get rid of them! I’m very thankful you are willing to help freely!:) thank you!
I have huge pores on my face located on my nose and both sides of my nose going down to my cheeks. I always clean my pores so they’re never clogged but I always see the holes it leaves behind after cleaning them out. 
I use clean and clear cleansing face wash and cleaning nose pore strips 
So what would you guys recommend for me to use to get rid of my huge pores

***I’m a 19 year old female
I wouldve gone to a dermatologist but I’m financially
Unstable so do please if you can name me face products I need that are affordable and could be found in a drug store 
Once again thank u!:)

  Bay Harbour Med Spa wrote @

Hi, Tictac:

Sorry for the delay in answering you. We will post an answer to your question within 48 hours.

Bay Harbour Med Spa

  roxy wrote @

My name is roxy and I am 26 and female
Need advice.I have combination skin. Pores on nose are visible. Initially when I was using products. by a company called dermlogaica I was fine but then I started to explore organic and natural skincare products but I reacted to them. Got more breakouts than hI ever had before so now I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if my skin is sensitive also? Had my forth baby 6 months ago so maybe my body is going through changes! Hope to get some advice soon. Thankyou!

  Bay Harbour Med Spa wrote @

Hi, Roxy:

Thanks for writing. We will post an answer to your question within 48 hours.

Bay Harbour Med Spa

  Alejandra Vidal wrote @

Hi! I’ve been refer to this website to ask my question about acne. My name is Alejandra. I’m a female, 18 years old, turning 19 in three months. I am thin and my periods a regular and not painful (if you were planning to ask) I am very concern about how my acne is affecting my skin lately. I have numerous whiteheads, and also acne lesions, but mostly whiteheads. Recently there has been an increase of acne lesions, and as a result I am starting to develop very serious and noticeable scars. My face itches for the most part. Salicylic acid not only makes my acne worse but it also makes my skin irritated. The areas in which my acne gets developed are my entire face (my cheeck for the most part) my upper and middle back, and only a small part of my chest (although is starting to increase). During the summer, acne on my body disappears completely, it only reappears after mid to late fall when winter clothe is necessary. However, my face doesn’t react any more or less to any season of the year. I have tried lots of acne medications, and some like proactive have reduce acne a little bit, but just a little bit an it eventually doesn’t work at all. I would appreciate any response to my concern, and also any recommendations to what types of acne medication I should take.

Alejandra Vidal

  Bay Harbour Med Spa wrote @


We will respond within the next few days.

Bay Harbour Med Spa

  Alejandra Vidal wrote @

Ok! Thank you.

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